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TECMI Industrial is an Argentine company that manufactures automatic polyethylene shrink wrapping machines, packing machines and packaging systems.

Our equipment, available in multiple versions, is built according to top quality standards and essentially mechanical principles. As a result, our machines are highly reliable and rugged, require very low maintenance and make up the best price-quality equation within the market.

Machines range from simple semiautomatic equipment to fully automatic machines of 55 pack/minute (100 ppm on double lane), with cardboard pad and tray options available.


Each intervention of TECMI technicians is carefully scheduled with our Clients to respect agreed delivery terms and production demands, thus minimizing problems caused by start-up and test operations.

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Services offered by our expert technicians, professionally qualified in mechanical, electric and electronic fields include: online and in situ assistance as well as restart interventions at Client premises.

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Our expert technical engineers are also available for preventive, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance duties to ensure optimal operation and efficiency throughout the machine’s entire life.

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In order to expand a machine’s functions or to add new applications, our CDAT accounts for qualified personnel specialized in mechanic and electronic upgrades performed within a short period of time and without interrupting the equipment’s productive activity. Ver más