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EV 850-50

EV 850-50CC automatic continuous wrapping machine (for only film and/or film +pad, up to 50/100 ppm).

EV 850-50

Standard Basic Equipment
  • Linear and continuous movement.
  • Wrapping without welding with film overlapping under pack.
  • Product input conveyor belt with low friction coefficient thermoplastic chains.
  • Filled lines and product availability monitoring for automatic pack preparation.
  • Bottle grouping system with double set of electronically synchronized pneumatic barriers.
  • Easy regulation of format changes.
  • Simplified maintenance operation.
  • Product visibility and accessibility during all process stages.
  • Electronically and mechanically synchronized film feeding with product.
  • Film cutting with rotating blade.
  • Electronically monitored centralized printed film option.
  • Loading station for spare reel.
  • Electronically monitored reel unwinding for constant tension on film.
  • Manually operated welding bar for film joint at reel ending.
  • Electronic system for pack formation monitoring.
  • Protection devices at wrapping bar area with polycarbonate gates.
  • Two-stage reverse motion to release bottles blocked under dragging bars.
  • PLC and operative console (alphanumeric terminal) with command operation guidance (production speed, polyethylene length, etc.) and stop messages (polyethylene reel ending, emergency stops, lack of air pressure, pack without polyethylene, etc.).
  • Right or left side command panel as per Client request.
  • Automatic placement of cardboard pad under pack on single or double lane.
  • This system is set lengthways and feeding is performed through the machine’s lower part, with ample loading capacity and simple regulation for different sizes.
  • Lifting by conveyor belts on vacuum table, with pneumatic system to avoid wrinkle formation.
Technical Data
  • Total power installed: 105 Kw.
  • Cutting blade width: 850mm.
  • IP 65 electric motor protection according to IEC 529 regulations.
  • Protection of other electric components not under IP 54 according to IEC 529 regulations.
  • Maximum pack size: 300 mm x 500 mm x 380 mm.
  • Output: 50/100 ppm on single/double lane.
  • Maximum pad size:
    • Single lane: 650 x 300.
    • Double lane: 280 x 280.
  • Polyethylene:
    • Maximum width: 820 mm.
    • Maximum reel diameter: 400 mm.
    • Thickness: 60 to 90 micron.


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